Sunday Club

Dear Parents,

This past week, Sunday Club was a fabulous session! I have truly enjoyed getting to know each of your children. They inspire ME to want to keep presenting challenging ideas and projects for them to create! It is so much fun to watch as the lesson unfolds- ill introduce the topic, give some background information, and then plant the seeds of creation in their minds for them to create with. I never give full directions- the goal is to introduce an idea, but for them to run with it and create. I never say no to what they can use, if they think to ask for it. I always allow them to wander thru the Shack to think or to get inspired- i tell them this is their art studio, THEY are in charge of their art.

The beauty of the Art Shack is that the rules dont change, no matter how old one is. My kindergarteners hear the same things that the adults on couples and girls nights hear! I have found that sometimes, as we get older we feel less inclined to let loose in different aspects of our lives…. So thats what Art Shack is here for… to allow  you that freedom to challenge what u dont know is inside of u to come out, no matter how old you are, and to accept it for what it is and how it makes you feel. Its alllll good!!!!

Thank you for sending these wonderfully talented rosebuds to me…. We created unique and original floral paintings, inspired by the Mother of Abstract Art….Georgia Okeeffe. With some background knowledge about her time period, and some visuals of her art, the girls were truly inspired to create, using our bouquet of flowers as a guide and inspiration at the Shack. Enjoy the photos below of their art… and I look forward to our next session very soon!


Monique Cohen, Art Shack