CREATIVITY May 14 2018, 0 Comments

Creativity. A word filled with ambiguous meaning and thought provoking ideas with no one concrete idea. Most adults walk into the Art Shack and tell me they are just "not creative". Most kids walk into the Art Shack, and dont even think, they just "create"! So what is creativity and how will it manifest itself in our childrens’ future endeavors?

The definition of creativity is the ability to make new things or think of new ideas (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Seems so simple! Don't we all think of ideas daily? Don't we all see something we like, whether it be for our kitchens, our bedrooms, our children's closets, our own wardrobe, and it sparks an idea for something? THIS is creativity at its simplest core! The key is to recognize the creativity we have within, and be conscious and aware that we are having this creative ideas present themselves to our minds eye.

Creativity is a skill with which foundations are built from a young age. From the home to school, children are constantly honing this skill through questioning and problem solving. The freedom to create as a child enables us as adults to think outside the box, as there are no limits to creation and creativity, and no boundaries as to what may be created. From music being created through sound waves from space to art being created from other people’s garbage, creativity is an endless endeavor and an integral part of our future society. One must be aware of its 

possibilities, and continuously learn what is out there so they too are inspired to create.

As the world evolves, now more than ever, creativity is one of the most essential key skills needed in the workplace too.According to a report from the World Economic Forum, creativity is going to be the third most important skill overall in the work place by 2020! That’s just two years away! (This comes from the report, The Future of Jobs, which took input from a total of 371 leading global employers, representing more than 13 million employees.)


As we embark on the 17th summer of Art Shack, I realize now more than ever before the impact of my creative movement in this community and how it is so necessary for the future of our children. I was always an outside the box thinker, a skill my parents honed from the day i was born. My goal for this summer at the Shack is for children AND adults to take away from Art Shack the notion that THEY TOO can make a difference in this world through their unique ideas, independent thoughts and inspiring actions. Through inspiration & education and exposure to whatis out there,  a simple IDEA may present itself to the mind. THIS is how we learn to create ORIGINAL ART from the heart at the Art Shack.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Art Shack to EXPLORE, DISCOVER AND CREATE!


Register online at ARTSHACK.COM for the grade your child is going into. Space is Limited.