Our Story

Art Shack (R) is a place where you can explore, discover, paint, color, learn, cultivate and broaden imaginations. Art Shack provides unique and meaningful arts programming to build and foster a lifelong audience of the arts. Dynamic and constantly evolving projects are offered, as children explore and discover the artist within.

 Here at the Art Shack we experiment with various materials, techniques and ideas as we develop the individual creative spirit. Strong emphasis is placed on the development of an independent sense of self through students’ works in progress. Students learn that art is a PROCESS and they explore a variety of artists, cultures, and/or techniques. Projects are created based on what they learned or have been INSPIRED by, making the art THEIR OWN. Students then are able to display their works of art for all to see at the Art Shack Show! Art Shack is challenging, creative, respectful of ideas and individuals and very rewarding.

 Art Shack would not be around without the support of parents who care, understand and wish to educate their children…Your children are sponges, soaking up every last tidbit of information around them, so they too can grow to be independent, creative successful young adults, and as I like to tell them, #LEADERSINART (find this on Instagram hashtags)! Keep doing what you're doing- it shows in their attitude, spirit and self-confidence, and how they communicate with one another as they grow and blossom at the Art Shack…

 Take the time to Explore, Discover and Create at the Art Shack. We have grown to be one big family, and I will continue my pledge in creating



 Monique Sultan

Founder, Art Shack ™

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