Early Childhood Tuesday

Hello Early Childhood Parents!

 I am having so much fun getting to know all your mini artists! The time seems to be flying by, and the kids are getting used to the routine upon arrival and departure.

I wanted to touch base and give you a glimpse inside our class and our lessons. We always start off with some Open Studio time. The kids are getting acquainted with the supplies and are learning where things may be found. We’ve got all kinds of creative free play activities from magna tiles and blocks to felt story/design boards. The kids may have free coloring time using markers, crayons, paint sticks and any other writing tools we have out.


Once all have arrived, we begin our project of the week. Last week we read “Too Much Glue”…. We were cracking up when we saw the kid in the story get himself stuck in a pool of glue! We then made a “collage” and talked about how we use our own glue bottles.. we used all kinds of fun stuff to create, and some of the kids even overlapped supplies as they created the collage.


This week we read “I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More”… and if you thought last weeks story was funny… wait till ya hear about this boy who got paint EVERYWHERE! We then fingerpainted!!!! I mean where else can we have fun and not worry about the mess?!?!


I am noticing that my mini Art Shackers are beginning to feel more and more confident walking around the studio as the weeks pass. Eventually this will be like their second home… the Art Shack has a way of empowering kids to imagine, explore, discover, create and to love the arts as they grow! Thank you for being part of our very FIRST season at 202 Ave M, please send me any thoughts or feedback you may have!

See you next week!