Art Shack Show Project List 2023

Art Shack Classes  

Pre-K & Kindergarten: SUNDAY 10-11:15am

  • 1980's inspired Abstract Patterns and Grids
  • Care Bears
  • Rainbow Brite and the COLOR BELT 
  • Gloria Klein
    • 1st Grade & 2nd Grade: Monday 515-630
    • Arch Connely round canvas with Beaded paintings
    • Trolls
    • 3D Damien Hirst inspired Butterflies
    • James Rizzi Cityscapes
      • 3rd-4th Grade: Tuesday 515-630pm
      • Pac-Man Game Boards
      • Nike Sneaker painting
      • 3D Nike Sneaker
      • Mel Bochner text as Art

      • 5th-6th-7th Grade: WEDNESDAY 515-630pm
      • Garbage Pail Kids/ “Messy Art Kids”
      • Roller Skate Painting
      • 3D Roller Skate Paper Mache
      • Kenny Scharfe Futuristic Blob characters invading the City!

      • 7th-8th-9th Grade: TUESDAY 630-745pm
      • Nam Jun Paik- first digital artist
      • Jean Michel Basquiat Journaling on canvas