Magic Puffy Pens

$ 10.00


Get creative with a new dimension of coloring fun!

Draw whatever you want with these six brilliantly bright pens.

Coloring books, notebooks, greeting cards, pizza boxes - Then, heat it all up with a hair dryer and...

POOF! - Your entire drawing suddenly puffs up like popcorn!

Experience creative coloring fun that truly stands out from the rest with the Magic Neon Puffy Pens set.

Magic Neon Puffy Pens
  • Neon pens with ink that puffs up when heated
  • Encourages creativity, self-expression
  • Experience a new dimension of coloring!
  • Draw on paper - Heat with hairdryer - Ink puffs up magically
  • Colors include neon pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
  • Hair dryer not included
  • High quality construction for lasting durability
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