Art Shack Gifts Matisse Gift Box

$ 120.00


Art Shack Gifts presents Matisse Paint and Cut outs acrylic gift box. 

Matisse painted paper and created beautiful collage cut out art! Paint your own canvas paper using paint sticks, acrylic paint and oil pastels for fun details. Use the special scissor blades for interesting edges and shapes. Use the canvas boards for your cut outs! Use the Matisse coloring book to get ideas of shapes to create and collage! 

Set Includes:

Two 12x12 square canvases

Strathmore Canvas Paper pad

Henri Matisse coloring book

Set of 16 Acrylic Paint Bristle Brushes with zipper case

Maped Scissor with 5 unique blades 

Oil Pastels box of 16

Reeves Acrylic Paint 10ml set 

Liquitex Flourescent Paint Sticks set of 5

Glossy Black Durable Collapsable Reusable Magnetic close Gift Box! 

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