Friday Club Part 2 SPRING 2022

$ 350.00


Welcome to the Art Shack, 2 floors of artsy fun for everyone! We are your go to neighborhood art studio offering programs, parties and activities for every family and age, 16mos-100!

Friday Club
130-4pm/2-2.5 hours
(we understand some kids may arrive 140pm and others at 2pm. Time is adjusted so all can arrive by 2pm, no changes in fee) 
7 Sessions
Mixed ages 6+ (we group according to age upon arrival)
Students create at their own level 
Includes Supplies
Seats are limited

$350/7 sessions / 2+hours

This is a semi-formal instructional class. Projects of the week introduced for the first part of the session aimed at strengthening art skills, imagination and creativity. All artwork created is original and unique. (WE NEVER COPY A PAINTING!)

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