SUNDAY CLUB Experimental Art (3 Hours Club) 1-4pm FALL 2023

$ 400.00


Welcome to the Art Shack, 2 floors of artsy fun for everyone! We are your go to neighborhood art studio offering programs, parties and activities for every family and age, 16mos-100!

Sunday Club
1pm-4:00pm | 3 hours 
5,8 or 12 Session options
one makeup available 
Mixed ages 7+ (2nd-5th grade)
Includes supplies, water bottle & snack

Sessions are consecutive and all sessions, 5,8 or 12 weeks begin on the same date. 


Experimental Art Club!

Welcome to our art studio, where we invite children to explore the exciting world of experimental art techniques and unleash their creativity through abstract art! 

In this dynamic class, young artists will learn to push the boundaries of traditional art forms and embrace the freedom of self-expression. Through a variety of hands-on activities and guided experimentation, children will discover innovative ways to manipulate colors, textures, and materials to create captivating abstract masterpieces.

Instructors will introduce them to a range of techniques, from pouring and splattering to collage and mixed media, empowering them to develop their own unique artistic style.

Join us in this vibrant studio environment, where imagination takes center stage and every brushstroke becomes a thrilling adventure in abstract art. All artwork created is original and unique. (WE NEVER COPY A PAINTING!) Students will then be able to choose from different art centers on their own for the remainder of the session.


Due to the nature of the programs, there  "no try it and see" before paying for the program. There will be only ONE MAKEUP SESSION ALLOWED during the same season. There are no rollovers to next season.

There will be a $100 cancellation fee one week before the program begins for full payment customers and THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR EARLY BIRD PRICING, NO EXCEPTIONS.. There are NO REFUNDS after the first class.

Some creations during open studio time may not be taken home, ex block building and magnatiles, but we will surely capture a photo!

Art Centers include:

 acrylics on canvas watercolor painting
 oil pastels charcoal pastels
 clay collage
 assemblage 3d pens
 building blocks leggo wall
 magnatiles printmaking
 jewelry making mosaic tiles
 decoupage sensory bins
 machine creating electric lightbulb art
 spin art 3d paper mache art

 Stay tuned for more.......! 

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