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AWARENESS. November 15 2016, 0 Comments

THAT is where it all begins. We have six senses. Hearing. Seeing. Tasting. Touching. Smelling. Awareness.

Today, discover what it means to be aware. Use your five other senses to reach the sixth sense. Pay attention to your surroundings and consciously think about each one. 

Now Paint it out of your minds eye. What is it that you are imagining? What are you envisioning inside the mind? What shapes and colors and images do you see? Is there movement? Is there warmth and heat? Is it frigid or bitter? Is the mood questionable? Does it feel at peace? A Calm? Paint your awareness. There is no wrong way to do this. It just is. Because its from your own minds eye.

Spark that Inner Artist, Nurture that Inner Spark November 15 2016, 0 Comments

The journey I took to get to this point has taken many winding roads.

Being creative involves thinking, risk taking and producing. You first imagine the idea, take a step forward into the unknown, and you then create its outcome.


It is these risks that are what hold many of us back from life’s experiences.

As I began nurturing my own inner artist, I realized my very first issue with painting- I was afraid. I was afraid to let the brush touch the paper for fear it wouldn’t come out “nice” or that I wouldn’t like it. I was afraid to take a risk and try something that I haven’t tried in so many years. So I taught art instead and I DID NOTHING myself.


But as the Art Shack teacher, it would be ridiculous for me not to paint.

Finally, I did it. I just dived in and began to paint and it was was beyond exciting! I felt this incredible energy of wow, I DID it! But a day later, I, the “newly found risk taker”, was afraid to dive back in for fear of “ruining” it.

As I overcame this obstacle of internal fear, a fear I never knew I had, I realized my painting was a reflection of my life’s’ activities. And I began learning ME.


The more I painted the more I gained courage to splatter another color, take another bold stroke, losing fear as I did so that something will go wrong. My inner voice began to speak up and say “SO WHAT IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG? So I figure it out!” That became my mantra in art and in my life. I began shedding the fear, and exploring different outcomes, appreciating different outcomes, and appreciating the feeling of the risk I took in getting there. And if its not a masterpiece? SO WHAT?? I can keep adding to it! Or I can make another piece of art using the lessons I learned through the process I just went through with this piece.


Painting, has enabled me to explore my inner voice and listen to my thoughts as I changed colors, as I created different shapes and lines as I made decisions, some impulsive, some thought out.

I began to feel my feelings inside and let them out through my choice of color and line and shape. I began to gain Confidence in what I CREATED. Its mine, its my insides coming out, ITS ME. And it cant be WRONG!

So this was my process. And maybe its not the same for everyone. But as parents nurturing your childrens' inner spark, the “self” I suggest to you a few key points that can give your child this opportunity to find their inner voice, and work through the getting to know their “selves” from a very early age:


Encourage the environment in which your children have the ability to have this inner voice talk to them- allow them the space to create.


Provide the materials needed for them to be able to explore their world around them, explore their own imaginations and create their own art, while feeling free and safe to express themselves.


Question their thought process in creating. Help them brainstorm new ideas just by asking open ended meaningful questions like “how do u feel about this?” “What do you think would happen if u tried this?” Giving new perspectives through questioning will open their minds up to new thoughts and ideas.


Explore their words, don’t supply their words. Explore their drawings, question their motivations- take an interest- kids know when you are really listening or looking.


Art is EVERYWHERE- always brainstorm how something u saw may be used in art, or how something is being used in art. Think like an artist by being aware of the colors and shapes and movements ALL around you. That’s basically my secret in creating all my Art Shack projects and gift baskets. And my children bring these ideas to fruition.


Allow them the freedom without the judgment.


Encourage taking risks- art is about the process not the product.

My students know, “are we making our masterpieces? Maybe! Or maybe we are learning a new technique to continue to explore again after we complete this project- it’s the process that counts. And if we make a mistake, WORK WITH IT! Mistakes are our best friends!


Don’t conform to the norm. What is normal anyway? There are all kinds of minds. Let your children be themselves and let their imaginations run freely.



YOU must create, You are their role model! Don’t be afraid! They are always watching YOU.



To end off, as a teacher and artist, I always encourage children to find their own answers within themselves. I guarantee you, this magic spark already exists right now within your child and I would like to bet on the fact that as parents, you already nurture your childs’ inner spark, just by being you.